9 July 2019

19:00 - 21:00 EEST, Sofia

online webinar

Everyone knows stress. Stress is part of life. If stress reactions remain, if the stress level does not drop sufficiently or if the whole person is restrained or damaged in his ability to live and enjoy life, stress management helps.

Through specific body work which is based on intensive body-self-experience, you can help yourself or your client:

- To see how your body has coped and armored itself in response to the stresses of your life

- to release whatever body tensions or coping strategies are no longer necessary

- to improve the connection between your body and your mind

- to hold on to an integrated self

- to build a feeling of empowerment and raise self esteem.

The webinar focusses on the following aspects:

1. perception of stress and stress experience.

2. determination of personal stress profiles

3. what can be done about stress?

4. How can vitality, resilience and assertiveness in the sense of stress competence be improved?

Stress and stress management

Under the perspective of body psychotherapy

Ulrich Sollmann,

Gestalt- and Body Psychotherapist (Bioenergetic Analysis), executive
coach and consultant in the field of management and politics, publicist,
book author, lecturer and blogger. Specific fields of experience:
body language, nonverbal communication, transcultural communication,
sexual and relational abuse, shame and the experience of
Self, slow motion movement, leadership and personality, public
and media scenario of companies, managers, politicians. Worked
and published internationally especially in China for many years.
Ethnological research in China. Current infant observation study on
the development of body-self-competence.




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11 December 2018 TEST

19:00 - 20:00 EEST, Sofia

online webinar

What is anxiety/ Where it comes from? What does it tells us? What is happening with me? Is it such a big issue for me? Can I "remove" it?

TEST: Anxiety - where it comes from and what it tells us

Speaker: Vladimir Pozharashki, M.D., Body Psychotherapist


29th January 2019

19:00 - 21:00 EEST Sofia

online webinar

Artificial Intelligence (AI), people as a biological algorithm, virtual reality, more than 2 parents, holograms vs. people, extended life continuity thorough medicine ... how this trends we already face will shape people emotions, people lives, their reality and our profession as psychotherapists?

Are we ready for the future of "homo neuroticus" and how will psychotherapy change?

Mariana Todorova, Ph.D is a futurist, philosopher and a president of the Bulgarian Chapter of Milenium Project. She has Leadership specialization in the US State Department, Harvard Kennedy School of Government, and Chinese Academy of Governance.

Experienced futurist, analyst and institutional strategist with a history of working in the Presidency of the Republic of Bulgaria, managing a local office of a Member of European Parliament. Former Member of Parliament and Deputy Chair of her parliamentary group. Her passions take her to the Future studies – evaluating the future expectations in political, social and economic area; Trend tracking and mini-trends designing.


19th March 2019

19:20 - 21:00 EEST Sofia

online webinar

We are a dialogue: of the person with oneself, and with other persons. Mental disorder is the interruption of this dialogue through which we strive to build and maintain our personal identity and our position in the world. The crisis of the dialogue of the person with the alterity that inhabits him/her, and with the alterity incarnated in the other persons, is at the heart of mental disorders.

I want to reflect on the relation between the Self and the Other, during a time of increasing dissociative conditions of our life.   We are living an increasing sense of solitude, of social and emotional isolation, related to an increasing level of alarm, as individual as well as community.

Prof. Maurizio Stupiggia: New forms of subjectivity between identity and dissociation

Prof. Maurizio Stupiggia
Body Psychotherapist. He works as a trainer in some European countries, in Japan and Latin America. Professor of General Psychology at the University of Genoa (Faculty of Medicine).
Founder, with Jerome Liss, of International School of Biosystemic.
Beside many articles, he wrote two books, which were translated in
other languages, “La terapia biosistemica” and “Il corpo violato”.
In collaboration with other authors he published “Il benessere nelle emozioni” (2009), and “Biosistemica, la scienza che unisce” (2015).